Our Services

Regardless of whether you operate a single asset or a portfolio across the UK, HRC can help lessen the burden imposed by business rates across the full range of low carbon generation technologies. Our comprehensive rating service is designed to reduce costs, maximise tax reliefs and refunds, and manage future risk.


New Developments

If the business rates burden is in danger of impacting on the financial viability of a project, HRC will recommend a proactive strategy be used with the rates authorities to make sure you pay the lowest possible charges from day one.

The advantage of this strategy is that it gives you the confidence – at the point of project commissioning – that you are paying no more than necessary, while avoiding the uncertainties and expense inherent in the rates appeal system.


Operational Portfolio

HRC will carefully consider the merits of any appeal challenges against your rating assessment, and we will vigorously negotiate reductions in rateable value on your behalf. We have a track record of concluding many successful appeals for our clients, with outcomes often delivering substantial refunds for past overpayments as well as future savings.


Changing Physical Circumstances

If it can be shown that there is a change in the way that you operate your assets, or a change in the locality, there may be an opportunity for your business rates to be renegotiated. Rates savings may be achieved, particularly if your profitability should be adversely affected by the change. HRC will ensure that such opportunities are fully exploited to reduce the rates burden during such times.


Rates Relief

Rates relief and exemptions are available to owners of low carbon generating plant and can deliver substantial savings. However, ratepayers are often unaware of the opportunities or how to best go about securing them.

HRC will make sure that all available rates relief and exemptions are obtained from the Valuation Office and local councils, and these can remain in place for the entire life of the asset.


Rates Management & Budgeting

HRC will review the accuracy of your rates demands prior to authorising payment. We can also provide our clients with robust budget figures for future rating costs, suitable for inclusion in future business plans.