Dungavel Wind Farm


John Laing



Onshore Wind Farm



Following financial close for the 26 MW onshore wind farm, John Laing, the sole infrastructure investor and asset manager, needed to lock down operating costs. Handel Rating Consultancy were instructed to engage with the rates authorities.



HRC advised a proactive approach of engagement with the rates authorities and used John Laing’s energy assessment to best effect, carefully considering the estimated yields.



HRC delivered a competitive rates liability at the point of completion of all commissioning, thus ensuring the rates charges where ‘right first time’ from the outset, with no overpayments or long appeal delays.

Additionally, a rates relief application was sought and obtained from the council, reducing the charge by a quarter.

Uniquely, the agreed Rateable Value was based on the most conservative yield assessment possible.

Consequently, the client rate charges are on average 35% less than comparable high yielding onshore wind farms.